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13 themes of Mindfullness

💮Full list of box themes, below! Read to the end!💮

Our Mindful Mama Matrix Homeschool Ed Sub boxes release for pur/chase NEXT month, and will begin to arrive to homes in August & September! Each box will include a full curriculum written by me, along with all the materials needed to complete 4-5 mindfully designed activies with your child/ren, ages 3-9! Our starter box will include everything you need to start everyday with a mindful attitude. The following 3-month, 6-month & 12-month sub/scription boxes will include more focused mindful lessons to include throughout the year. Pric/ing will be released by the end of this month. You will want to purchase our starter kit initially, before committing to either sub/scription. For two reasons! :) To get a feel for what we mean by Mindfulness in homeschooling, and because the starter kit will be used in conjunction with the rest of boxes, all year and everyday.

Now! For the full list of box themes...!

1. Starter Kit: Starting Everyday Mindfully** (PURCHASED SEPARATELY FROM SUBS)

2. The Meditation Station

3. Positive Body Mindfulness

4. The Chakra Art Box

5. The Astrology Box

6. The Music Box

7. The Family Bonds Kit

8. The Fairytale/Folklore Literacy Box

9. The Crystal Box

10. The Critter Kit

11. The Grounding with Nature Box

12. The Flowers & Herbal Kit

13. Ending Everyday Mindfully

When you sign up for subscription 1, you will receive boxes 2-4, subscription 2 includes boxes 2-7, and option 3 includes boxes 2-13, with box 13 being fr33! Be reminded that Box 1 is a separate purchase from the sub/boxes, but you will be able to purc/hase both, together. 🙏💙💮

Stay tuned for a FAQs sheet, as well as pri(ing info!

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