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A call to homeschooling fathers!

In the world of homeschooling, mothers often find themselves taking on the primary role as teacher and caregiver. Convincing our partners of the benefits of homeschooling can be a task in of itself, and convincing them of their needed involvement can become an added hurdle. Some mothers face difficulties persuading the father of their children, while others end up solely entrusted with the responsibility. This can become overwhelming, leading to the realization that homeschooling is not a solo job but a collaborative one that extends far beyond the typical structure of school.

The solution to these challenges lies in actively involving fathers in the homeschooling experience, moving beyond a mere oversight or approval role. Engaging fathers in a hands-on manner transforms them into better partners and provides children with a more well-rounded education. In our family, my husband has been a great example of this collaborative effort, actively participating in our homeschooling and unschooling journey with our 10, 5, and 2-year-old children right from the beginning.

Despite my background in teaching, convincing my husband about the merits of homeschooling required more than highlighting the setbacks of traditional classrooms. I soon learned that homeschooling is not about replicating school at home; it demands a diverse toolbox that goes beyond the academic knowledge gained in college settings and teaching in classrooms. Recognizing the need for a support system, even if it's just a small circle, I turned to my husband – the primary partner in raising our children.

Homeschooling involves a dual role of being both a parent and a teacher. Fathers, as my husband exemplifies, bring unique skills that complement those of mothers. They provide strength, order, structure, and foundational values, fostering an environment where children can grow with confidence in their identity. His involvement gives our kids a sense of identity that promotes positive cognitive and emotional development. This is evident in not only my kids confidence but their ability to feel safe, loved, and supported by both parents.

His involvement goes beyond traditional school subjects. After work, my husband often engages in meaningful projects with the children, incorporating his hobbies like building a greenhouse or constructing a chicken coop. His interests in aquatics and saltwater fish lead to projects involving aquaponics and expos featuring exotic pets.

He plays an important role as my co-leader in our 4-H club, actively participating in projects that involve raising chickens and ducks. His commitment extends to community engagement, where he assists in hosting events for our homeschooling community, such as talent shows, history expos, and spelling bees.

In addition to these aspects, my husband organizes enriching field trips to museums, plays, and concerts, broadening our children's exposure to various experiences. These outings not only supplement their academic learning but also foster a love for history, culture, and the arts. The exposure to different environments broadens their perspectives, encouraging a lifelong love of learning. These core memories which are grounded in family and academics, will surely be the lessons our children always remember.

My husband's active involvement not only enhances the academic and emotional experiences of our children through homeschooling, but also strengthens our partnership. It has enabled him to gain an understanding of all the details involved not just in parenting our children but also in being their teacher.

His ability to join in our homeschooling routine during times of need has been particularly invaluable. Recognizing the challenges of illness or postpartum healing, he readily steps in to facilitate the homeschooling day, providing the necessary support for our children's continuous learning. This not only ensures a consistent learning environment but also allows me the breaks needed for recovery.

This shared responsibility of teaching and parenting has not only strengthened our communication and teamwork but has created a more harmonious atmosphere within our homeschooling routine.

As we continue this homeschooling journey together, we look forward to further growth, learning, and the unique contributions each family member brings to our homeschool journey. Our common goals and love for our children has been the backbone of their education. When asked "How do [I] do it all?" ..."My husband...", Joseph is often my response.

For coaching on how we maintain our homeschooling life with ease, check out my homeschool coaching!

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I just started homeschooling my 3 babies. I have had to take over it all while my wife attends intensive RN school but I wouldn’t turn back for anything

James Guarnieri
James Guarnieri
2월 12일
답글 상대:

I also have taken the full responsibility of homeschooling while my wife runs the new construction company we started last year. I have to be the main laborer for our day to day seasonal business and then Homeschool right after work. It is the best decision I have ever made.It’s hard having a 11 year old daughter who has been brainwashed by the traditional schooling routine but the progress has been extraordinary she couldn’t read or write at 4th grade and in three months of homeschooling she scored in 86 percentile. The State and Federal Government want us and our children so dumbed down that we don’t talk about real common sense issues like why the federal reserve bank is…

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