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Assess ( if you must)

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

In the realm of homeschooling, it's crucial to recognize that the traditional education system might not align with our goals. While steering clear of assessments is our norm, external factors, like state requirements or curriculum choices, may warrant evaluation. For instance, certain states, such as New York, mandate standardized tests for homeschooled students.

Assessments can also be valuable for tailoring curriculum to a child's needs. If you're opting for a specific curriculum, check if it offers assessments aligned with the materials. Anecdotal assessments are especially effective in gauging individual progress and aiding in identifying areas of concern. I prefer anecdotal discovery and finding reading miscues as children read aloud.

For those considering external assessments, various free online options cater to diverse preferences. Websites like,, and provide accessible tools. Additionally, try exploring achievement tests like CAT ($25) from that can offer comprehensive insights and are in line with those states like NY that require testing.

Other free assessment tests can be found on the following sites:

Understanding lexile scores and employing tools like the book finder for reading levels ( aids in evaluating reading proficiency. Engaging your child with books above, at, and below their grade level, and quizzing them (however that may look in your home), gives a holistic picture of their reading capabilities.

In summary, while homeschooling often veers away from conventional assessments, occasional evaluations, whether state-mandated or curriculum-driven, can be strategic. Employing a mix of informal observations, online tools, and targeted assessments ensures a well-rounded approach to nurturing a child's educational journey. For homeschool help and coaching visit Use code B1G1 until 2024 and enjoy 1 FREE lesson plan or coaching class with the purchase of one.

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We do CAT tests twice a year. Just for our understanding of where my kids are, and to see where they are lacking and what we need to focus on moving forward.

Replying to

If my state did not require assessments, I would still run my own to keep track and to navigate where to go next! Awesome!

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