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Baby naps and a strong back...

Perfectly timed naps before mindful class time are superb, and I love my "classroom assistant", so. I know homeschooling with babies is tough, mama! Trust me, I KNOW!

Last year I made the mistake of going back to our co-op to volunteer as a 6th grade writing teacher in a a building a mile away from my kids' co-op building. Then I had to jet back there to teach a prek class and often sit in for other prek classes, when my freebirthed newborn was 4 WEEKS OLD! I was crazy. I did it. I did a good job. Everyone patted me on the back and told me how much of a SUPER MOM I am. I honestly didn't feel like one at all. Not then, at least. Then...I crashed! PPD creeped in, and I felt like I was drowning. I do somewhat blame my attempt to jump right back into the swing of things, far too soon.

Then I remembered that I unschool so that I have the flexibility to teach my kids what I want, how I want, and when I want.

Reading time began to take place as I nursed brother in bed. Most lessons were centered on caring for others and the home when a new soul is introduced to the flow of the family. I eased up on myself.

Now that my son is nearing one year old, things have gotten easier. But they are still difficult. I rewrite our rhythm all the time so we can properly move with life's ever changing flow. These days, Cal can be found in a carrier on my back. I tell my girls hard things become less hard when we go for it! But it HAS to be something you WANT! I'm not breaking my back for validation from anyone other than my kids and my community who reciprocate that backbreaking support. 🙏♥️

Draw your lines, and know that you ARE enough. Lessons are found in every corner, even ones where sleeping babies dwell.

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