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Children are never too young to engage in hands on sensory exploration and play! Can it be messy, at times? Sure is! But is it doable if set up properly and age appropriately? Yes! AND it is extremely beneficial.

Sensory play is not only therapeutic, it is educational. We learn everything through our senses, and allowing babies to explore their senses in free range, opens a portion of the brain that fosters the absorption of information to come in those early years. Sensory play is often the first experience children have with science, making inquiries, and exploring outcomes through experimentation.

Sensory play with babies can in fact be mess free, very simple for the parent/caregiver, and very exciting to the baby since everything is so new to them. Here is a list of simple sensory play ideas that can be done with your infant or toddler. Please supervise your baby at all times during sensory play, no matter what.

Blowing/popping bubbles

Walking on bubble wrap

Finger & Toe painting edible paints made from items like berries.

Diced pool noodles in water (pictured)

Frozen apples, bananas, berries

Feather tickles

Baskets of fabric

Door knobs, old remotes, and other highscope odds and ends (more info in a later blog)

Water play with cups, measuring spoons, etc

Pots and pans music with wooden spoons

ALL THE MUSIC (especially classical. This is all my oldest loves to listen to!!)

Wavy board

Wooden toys

Silk play scarf play

Sensory bottles

Messy sensory play such as paints or foam in ziplock bags, taped and sealed.

Large tape ball with sticky sides out

For more sensory play ideas, join our growing FB community and stay tuned for more blog entries, here!

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