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Dandelion Forever Clocks

The dandelion is no weed! We know better than that in our home and we spend all spring and summer enjoying the benefits of these medicinal and beneficial wonders alongside our bee friends. Dandelions provide us with many lessons in both natural science and folktales.

We compared its phases to the sun, moon and stars to foster the imagination. Then I shared why they open and close at night: water vapors and temperatures being the main contributor, but we also stretched the imagination here too. My 5 year old said they are hiding their stars from the night sky.

We did all this while assembling dandelion forever clocks. They are called clocks at their opened seed stage because they "tell the time" based on how many times it takes to blow all the seeds off. Or so they say. ;) My 10 year old got 12 blows at 10:45 am. Not bad for a flower!

To assemble your clock and capture it in time, you will need the following materials for each one:

•Dandelion completed with its flower staged and closed up as to avoid blowing off any seeds. These are best found in the early morning.

• Wire

• A Mason or jam jar with a lid.

• glue dots, blue tack, or a hot glue gun.

• a stone or pinecone. We used one of each but the stone is actually a loose brick chunk from our house :)

To assemble your clock:

  1. Run the wire through your dandelion stem.

  2. Secure and wrap the lengthy end of the wire around your stone or pinecone. The pine cone needed less wire. Give yourself about a foot of slack to work with.

  3. Glue/secure your pine cone or stone base to the inside of your lid and twist on your jar from the top.

  4. Wait hours to a day and observe your dandelion open up to the moon/clock phase. How long this takes will depend on the temperature and any condensation you may be working with.

  5. Enjoy this permanent stage of your dandelion in its protected jar.

  6. Don't forget to make a wish!

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