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Deschool yourself.

💮Deschooling is a necessary step prior to homeschooling! 💮

Deschooling (not to be confused with unschooling- topic to come) is putting aside your "school mindset" and what you have been programmed to think school should look like. As I always like to stress, homeschooling is not school at home! So throw out the idea that school HAS to look like 4-6 hours of several subjects broken up into designated times that must be completed each day, no exceptions. If homeschooling seems hard, or you're questioning if you're doing it right, then you're likely just not using the right rhythm or curriculum for your family. Families who deschool first, tend to skip these heavy feelings of doubt, wasting money on curriculum that ends up not being a good fit for the family, or butting heads with their children. The summer is also a great time to deschool yourselves, so shall we!?

How to deschool...

💮 Ditch the curriculum. Don't pick anything out until after deschooling, if you even decide to at all!

💮Offer unstructured playtime often and for long periods of time. Observe and participate. Get to know your kids' interests, strengths, and weaknesses from a first hand view!

💮 Spend time running the home's routine together! Include the children in everyday tasks and create a strong family rhythm during the day.

💮 Don't set time restraints or expectations on learning time! Allow teachable moments to pop up naturally during your day, recognize them, and grab those opportunities!

💮 Read FOR FUN! (& be a role model here! When was the last time you picked up a book for fun in front of your kid!?)

💮 Spend endless amounts of time in nature!

💮 Join a homeschool group and become a part of your community! What does your child gravitate towards in terms of being an individual and contributing to their community?

Homeschooling can be intimidating. But I promise that it is a more natural part of life than we make it out to be. Especially when we let go of our programmed ideas of what makes for a successful education.

So who here has spent time deschooling? Did it make homeschooling easier for your family? Who wants to take the dive now!?

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1 Comment

Sarah McKinney
Sarah McKinney
Jun 12, 2021

Is it too early to deschool when you have a toddler? We are definitely homeschooling but she’s not even 3 so is it worth it for me to start deschooling now?

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