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DIY "Shrinkee-Dinks"

First of all, I won't string you along for a 5 paragraph essay on why I love shrinkee-dinks and how to achieve the perfect shrinkage! We all know and love this novelty product of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, but did you know you can make your own without the kit!?

You just need the following materials:

  1. # 6 plastic such as that found on to-go/take-out containers. Make sure it is flat. I cut the center piece from to-go containers. It will have a little number 6 with a recycled symbol around it, on the container.

  2. Permanent Markers/Sharpies

  3. Parchment paper

  4. Baking sheet

  5. Scissors

  6. Oven set to 350.

  7. (Optional) Hole puncher


  1. Draw and color your designs as you wish! We were feeling festive after some pumpkin carving, so we kept with a fall theme.

  2. Keep in mind everything will become about 1/3 its original size, so don't draw your items too small.

  3. Cut out your drawings

  4. Place your items on parchment paper, on a baking sheet and place i them into an oven set to 350 degree.

  5. Your items will take 2-3 minutes to shrink, curl, and flatten back out. Do not be worried when they curl up to start! It means it is working. They will flatten back out.

  6. This doesn't take long and it is fun to watch the process, so don't leave your oven! Take a peek!

  7. After your items have flatten back out, they are done.

  8. Remove and let cool.

  9. You can use your items on your nature table, use dry erase marker on them for some art fun, or gift them!

  10. Optionally, you could have used a hole punch before baking your items, and string them into a necklace.

How do they work?!

Some would say magic, but it's a science. #6 plastic is recycled, heated, rolled out, and then cooled to maintain shape. All the molecules want to do is jump back to their original state, and they do so when heated! Neat-o!

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