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Following your Child's Lead in Homeschooling: A Testimony from Infancy to Middle School

Updated: Feb 11

Following my children's natural rhythm and routine will always be what is best for our family. I save so much time, energy, and heartache that is displaced in typical homeschool settings. I do this by allowing the kids from birth to keep thriving in their natural state. When our children are born, we often hear the saying, "there is no manual or there is no book that can properly teach someone about parenting." Because, as we quickly learn, when we become parents, no two children are the same, and they all thrive and develop on their own unique course or path. When you become a parent to multiple children, this becomes even more evident as you notice the differences between your own children, despite growing up in the same home, under the same values and traditions. We can see even these differences within our own children.

Since I made the decision to homeschool by the time my first child reached preschool age, I've continued to witness how much my children thrive and develop naturally under my care. Now, not only am I their mother, their in-house chef, their in-house housekeeper, and their mentor in life, but I've also become their teacher. Instead of merely facilitating their education, I've found myself becoming a partner in their educational journey. As my children grow older, I notice they are naturally drawn to activities that fulfill their cognitive, emotional, and physical developmental needs because I have provided the foundation and materials necessary for them to pursue their interests and goals. By giving them these resources, I've offered them the opportunity to enjoy learning.

So, when you see a young toddler driving toy cars up, down, and around various surfaces in the home, or building a tower out of colored blocks, know that he is on his individual path to a life filled with a love for learning.

When you observe a kindergarten child cutting, pasting, stitching, and creating a masterpiece that only her own imagination and creativity can truly understand, know that she too, is on the path to greatness in her academic journey.

Lastly, when you see an 11-year-old reading independently, researching topics of interest, writing and journaling about them, and exploring her interests in sports and music, understand that she is receiving an education that is so fulfilling that she will never falter in her love for learning.

Where one interest ends, another will be sparked. Therefore, the love of learning and being a lifelong student is something that I hope my children never actually graduate from. Because to graduate means that we have this misconception that learning ends. The goal with homeschooling in my home is to ensure that we are all learning every day of our waking lives. To learn how 20+ homeschooling experts found a recipe for success in their homeschooling journeys, join this FREE online summit by Happily Homeschooling.

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