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Four House Rules

My husband started a new gig outsode of the home today. This means revamping our home's rhythm for #homeschooling & my business sake! I need to make some minor additions and edits, but the draft is coming along (See image 1). Plus today is the pilot, so anything can change! That is the beauty of unschoolimg, though. I love this style of loose"scheduling" because I just need the steps to generally come in order for my own sanity, and the day's flow. All of the sub items can come in whatever order works for us DAY BY DAY!

Here goes nothing... and everything!

Just a portion of our new "rhythm" in the making!

The 4 House Rules:

  1. We take care of ourselves. (Body & Mind)

  2. We take care of eachother.

  3. We take care of our pets.

  4. We take care of our home. (and the people and items within)

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