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Free born & Breech

🍄Free born & Breeched🍄

My entire pregnancy was wild & free. I was in charge of my care to the fullest and tracked all of my numbers, vitals, measurements, and the like myself. All throughout I had mentioned his positioning being breeched to my husband. Breeched is when the baby is feet or butt down and is considered the "wrong way" for ideal labor and delivery. I never let his positioning concern me for two reasons. 1.) I know babies will change positioning down to the day of delivery. 2.) I have read the stories of women who have delivered breeched babies naturally at home.

The evening before we were surprised with labor, I had even mentioned "spinning babies" to my husband, and that we may want to make an appointment. SB is just what it sounds like. Someone trained (usually a midwife or chiropractor), will move your baby from outside the womb, into a more ideal position. But we never made it to SB's because 6 hours later, I was in labor! It was FAST, intense, and furious! There was not enough time to get the doula here, fill the pool, or hold any doubts. My intuition had taken over quickly (the whole laboring process from start to finish was a short hour!), and any fear that resonated with me prior was long gone. As I began to transition, and contractions intensified, I stood up from all fours on my floor, where I had been laboring prior. I told my husband to grab me a mirror because as I reached down, I could feel what I now know was a KNEE! It was not until his whole leg and foot popped out that I realized he was BREECH! His positioning had not crossed my mind the entire time as I labored! But I still remained calm, knowing this was a variation of normal. "OMG A FOOT!" I yelled to my husband. He's breeched!... this is normal. Its okay! We can do this..." all of it just poured out of my mouth to my husband because I didn't want him to worry. His response was "I know it is. You're doing great." (He read more books than me, this pregnancy) And we were! I remained oddly calm for myself. With another contraction, another foot released. With another...his butt. FER was in total control! I never pushed even once! Another contraction, and the torso was exposed. At this point me and my husband were laughing and crying, simply excited because we knew our boy was coming! I spoke to him at this point, telling him to come to me and we were so close! With one more contraction he heard my prayers and his beautiful face and head was released, with his whole body being embraced by both mine and my husband's hands.

I can't believe that in any other birth setting I would have been considered a medical emergency. An OBGYN would have been too eager to cut into me and force my first c-section on me. It is ludicrous and a violation of informed consent, in fact! I think given my home atmosphere, my knowledge, and my ability to move about freely instead of being forced to uncomfortably labor on my back, made all the difference here. This was my "easiest" delivery and recovery, yet! Unlike both of my daughters' delivery, I did not tear at all! It all felt incredibly natural, comfortable, and even like he was destined to just come that way. Maybe I needed to tell people not to just let a medical "professional" write them off as a medical "emergency" in need of intervention. Intervention is a birthing buzz kill and often leads to more problems than solutions. Chances are, those interventions equal a bigger paycheck for the "professionals" suggesting them. Birth is a natural process, and when left to naturally progress, is as simple as something that has happened since the dawn of time. Own your power and know your options!

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