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Grounding for kids!

💮 Grounding for kids! 💮

Studies show that kiddos who spend more time outdoors have less behavioral issues, are smarter, more focused, are more creative, have better problem solving skills, and experience less anxiety and stress.

But BEING outdoors and CONNECTING with nature are two different experiences and the latter can bring the first to a whole new level!

Here are just a few of my favorite grounding activities to do with kids! For extended info, focused activities, and step by step guidance, keep an eye out for the release of our FULL sub/scription which includes a box on GROUNDING IN NATURE WITH KIDS! 🤸‍♀️🌱

🤎Dig those toes in the sand (or dirt!)!

🌊 Walk through running waters.

🌳 Hug a tree!

💚 Find a special spot all your own and visit it regularly.

👣 Take barefoot nature walks.

🌹 Smell flowers.

💮 Leave gifts for Mama Nature.

🌧 Dance in the rain!

So! Have you done your daily grounding, yet!?

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