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"Hack" for Physical Kiddos!

I think I have found a solution to physical baby(toddler/young) boys (or maybe your girl...) who love breaking things and romping around the home!

Heavy lifting!

Calogero LOVES lifting heavy objects such as buckets, child chairs and tables, the name it. If he can wrap his arms around it, he is pushing, pulling, lifting, and carrying it around the home. The sensory input and output is what makes it so physically satisfying for him. When he was making a mess of his sister's activities, I was so programmed to grab him a small toy of his own, or something similiar to what his older sisters were using. This was only helping until it did not, though. It is more of a constant redirection that never lasted long enough.

The heavy lifting is what a physical child craves. People say, "Oh, he's a brute." or "boys will be boys." I try not to. I think he is truly seeking that physical input and output that heavy lifting can provide. Anyone who enjoys lifting weights can confirm that this is indeed a satisfying sensory need for his body!

Weighted bags to come! Any time he starts physically climbing, bouncing, or otherwise bringing Cal-zilla to the fun...I redirect him to heavy lifting, and BAM! (BAM!? )- HE IS SET AND CONTENT! Of course romping around the home is still welcome at appropriate and safe times!

Future Strong Man of 2043! 🤣😜

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