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Hand work & Natural Materials

💮 Hand Work with Natural Materials 💮


This one is always overlooked in classroom settings (and even some homeschool settings)! Learning should be hands on, and especially in those early years - craft based! How much of our day is spent writing information down? 🧐 Now, how much is spent using our hands, manipulating items to our benefit, and DOING!? Much more, right!? Children spend way too much time simply writing and using writing utensils, which often leads to a lack of luster in one's education. But, they fair much better when given the opportunity to manipulate natural materials and resourceful tools! Plus, it's fun!

Here are some benefits of engaging in hand work with natural materials:

👉 Fine motor skill development

👉 Cerebellum strengthening of the brain

👉 Sensory input and output

👉 Hands on learning

👉 Promotes craftmanship which is a valuable tool in life and the workforce of trades and skills.

👉 Generates Creativity

👉 Therapeutic

👉 Can be integrated into math, science, literacy, art, and music lessons depending on the craft or hand work.

👉 Grounding when using natural materials.

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1 Comment

Beatrice Cee
Beatrice Cee
Jul 27, 2021

Yes! Very true, love this! ❤ More hands on is definitely needed.

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