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Handling Loss & Grieving with Children, Mindfully.

💮Handling Loss/Grieving with Children, Mindfully💮

Earlier in the week we lost our top hen. We have lost a lot of hens in our days as chicken keepers for the last 6 years, but this one really hit us all. In short, Rosemary was, and will always be family.

My 8 year old and 3 year old, took it very hard as we all did. Here is how we grieved together as a family.

💮 Reminding my children that just as everything is born, everything does indeed die. We read Why Do Things Die? (An educational and engaging book for kids)

💮 We discussed how people and pets live on through stories, memories, photos, and those they leave behind.

💮 We shared a TON of our favorite Rosemary stories with eachother. We went through photos and videos that made us laugh, smile, and cry.

💮 We hugged. A lot. We cried. A lot.

💮 We allowed space for the girls to cry and be held by us as long as they needed. For my 3 year old it has continued through the week. We remind her that we miss our pet bird too.

💮 We drew pictures and left offerings for Rosemary (such as feathers from her chicken buddies she leaves behind).

💮 We held a memorial and allowed the girls to share stories and thank their bird for the many years of fun and companionship.

💮 We planted rosemary in her honor.

💮 We spent extra time with our other birds, and spoke about how we honor those who go before by taking care of those left after.

These conversations are difficult, but important in regulating emotions and understanding the world around us. My girls are still mourning the loss of their feathered friend, but they are healing and growing all the same. 🙏❤💮

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