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Holistic Health Care


As a mindful mama, holistic (natural) health has been a forefront of my life for over a decade. I'll start with a quick background on how, after years of never minding what I ate or put into my body, I became more conscious of my health and the health of my then, hypothetical family. 🙏❤

Just over 10 years ago, I was completing my undergrad studies. As a duel in Political Science, I had to complete a senior thesis on the Politics of Food. This course was the first time I had truly been awakened by a course. It was my first real exposure to not only corruption in the big food industry, but also what it was doing to our health, and how government allowed, and even encouraged this activity in our food supply. The course at times overflowed into talk of pharm a ceutical companies, since many also have their hand in food supplies around the world. My professor was a quiet man who had a small homestead. He was likely a bit older than I am now, and had a small family he often shared pictures of. Backyard chickens and gardens were a constant theme. Coming from a large city myself, it actually was not something that had peeked my interest prior, but I remember enjoying his family photos and thinking how sweet and simple life could be! But I had some hurdles to get through, and a LOT of learning.

Slight trigger approaching as I was hospitalized that same school year.

This was due to a first round of g a r d a sil. After a week long stay, I returned to college, finished my end of the year assignments and graduated. That was 2011.

From 2011-2013, those events all stayed in my mind, and in 2012 I became pregnant with my first daughter while completing my masters degree. I engulfed myself in parenting research. By that point, I had worked with kids ranging from ages birth-18 years old already, but having one of my own was a whole new world. From cloth diapers to homemade baby food. Breastfeeding to cosleeping. Keeping babies intact to prick or prod free! (🚫💉). I was lost in all of the research and I continue to be, to this day!

With the birth of my oldest, everything changed. We have dove head first as a family, into homeschooling, homeopathic doctors, peaceful parenting, and a holistic lifestyle. I even got those backyard chickens like my professor! ❤ I continued my career in education up until my oldest was 4.

Then in 2018, we had our first homebirth to my second daughter, and I dove moreso into this lifestyle. A water birth in my home, delayed cord clamping, immediate nursing/breast crawl, consuming my placenta, and an easy recovery post partum, were all things I further achieved through research between my 2 girls! After her birth the entire family began to see a chiropractic doctor to add to our holsitic health toolbox.

Now we are headed towards our second homebirth to our first son! We continue chiropractic care regularly and see a homeopath as needed. Though it is my husband and I who are thr ones in need most. Our daughters are of perfect health! And though I understand the full benefits of a fever or building the immune system, my daughters have never had such a fever. My oldest has had the sniffles a hand full of times in her life My second daughter who is still breastfed on occassion at almost 3.5, has never been sick. Ever. For us, we choose this lifestyle because we see 2 healthy, thriving little girls. We rely on diet, breastmilk for as long as possible in the beginning, chiro and other immune system support, as well as good old fashion mama nature. We even use mama nature for cuts and bruises! 💚 In addition, avoiding toxins found in pharmaceuticals, processed foods, and the even the commercial body products we tend to avoid, I believe that my children's health has benefited. 🙏💚💮 For that reason, we choose holistic health care!

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Acelynde Augustus
Acelynde Augustus
23 jun. 2021

This has actually been on my mind a TON lately! I want to get my three girls out of the mainstream healthcare system, but don't know where to start with trying to find a reliable holistic provider in our area (super backwoods upstate NY, and google has so far been very unhelpful). Any suggestions?

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