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Holistic Hens & Waterfowl Feed

Commercial poultry feeds have become comparable to McD's when it comes to animals having their nutritional needs being met. From soy to corn, the feeds are containing more and more fillers, and less wholesome ingredients for healthy hens! Our birds are our pets, and we do not want to feed just for fattening them up. Likewise, if they were meat birds, we would probably be even more concerned with what they consume, if we consumed them too. But! We do enjoy their eggs, and for that reason too, we care about what goes into their feed.

I tend to fall in the camp of "a free-ranged bird is a well-fed bird". With a lot of free-ranging, feed can be given supplementally, in my opinion...along with healthy veggie and fruit scraps that are approved for birds. However, with a small yard, birds who are limited in their ranging due to size and safety, and a house-duck on the way, I have become increasingly concerned with what goes into our birds' feed. The house-duck will enjoy daily free-ranging as well, but it is even more important that we are diligent about her diet. And with talk of commercial feeds slacking on ingredients more than ever, we are not allowing them in her dish. Why? Because even the organic feeds only have to contain a certain level of organic ingredients. The rest can be XYZ + citric acid and a slew of words you cannot pronounce.

So, let's get to the ingredients that we will be using. Oh! Did I mention our 4-H club will be assisting in the making of the feed!? Including the growing of fresh veggies to go into it with every feeding!


  • Rolling oats

  • Barley

  • Sprouting bean variety

  • Flaxseed meal

  • Nutritional Yeast

  • Grit

  • Kelp

  • Sea Moss

  • Fresh veggies of: lettuce, carrots, and peas


  • Fruit and veggie scraps approved for consumption.

  • Mealworms

  • Sardines

  • Minnows

Is there something you would add!? Let me know in the comment section! Want to learn more about our birds, house-duck, or 4-H club? Follow our feathered and peculiar critters journey on Instagram @animal_alchemy

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