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Join us for Greeting Time!

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Click play, below! Volume up for commentary.

Join us for Greeting Time! (GT)

This is the most important part of our day, and the entire day flows better thanks to this time spent, together!

Greeting Time holds my older kids accountable towards the plan they make for their day. Plus, it gives us time to connect with our feelings, nature, and anything we are working on, personally. This week our affirmation is "I respect others and their space" and comes from our Body Positivity Box! In fact, all materials used during this daily activity are found in our Starting Everyday Mindfully Kit, a mindful curriculum box I made that models our Greeting Time!

What you don't see on camera is each girl walking off via their balance beam with a quick stretch and a recited affirmation!

My favorite part is that this is all done at the right time for us. No two days look the same, but we do always complete this part of our day relatively early. I like to do it after we eat, brush our teeth, and let out the hens. Sometimes I let them get dressed if we don't have anywhere to go that day. My 4 year old benefits from knowing the weather is like first, which we talk about during our GT.

For more on my personal approach to learning in the home, check out e-class 3!

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