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Learning Objective Examples

So what will your kid learn while using our kits!? Here are the LEARNING OBJECTIVES of just 4 of our homeschool curriculum boxes (13 in total)!

⭐Starting Everyday Mindfully Objective: This starter kit includes everything parents need to create a greeting space to meet with their children daily before making a conscious plan to live their day mindfully. After creating the materials for their mindful greeting space, parents and children will set up their space and utilize the materials daily, in order to start each day with a light heart and mindful spirit. Each activity is adaptable for ages 3-9 years old, and includes subject areas of art, language arts, and mindfulness. Feel free to adapt it to your own family’s needs any way you see fit. Join our community on social media for additional tips!

⭐Folklore/Fairytale Literacy Objective: The Folklore/Fairytale Literacy kit is designed to introduce the concept of reading together as a family in a casual setting. It will also assist families in following up their reading time with engaging cues, literacy development activities, and child-driven works of literacy. The activities in this kit are centered around an interactive approach to reading and writing. The approach is stress free and allows the child to expand their personal interest in reading and writing, through creative means. Like other kits, the literacy kit is eclectic in the way that it includes the arts, and even an opening into a natural science lesson in apple tree growth.

⭐Meditation Station Objective: This Mindful kit includes everything that you need to create a meditation station in your home. This space will then be utilized to assist your child in coping throughout the day. The objective is to get your child into the habit of going to this space when they are in need of any type of conflict resolution. Over time your child will be able to do this with less guidance from you, self-regulating their own emotions. This curriculum is also filled with parental tips and tricks for maintaining a positive behavioral management plan in your home, as well as ways to make your child become a natural lover of meditation and finding their own peace of mind.

⭐Body Positive Mindfulness Objective: The Body Positive Mindfulness Box is aimed at creating self-awareness in children concerning their bodies, their personal characteristics, and their senses. Additionally, the activities promote healthy active play while building confidence in young learners in their ability to explore the world using their minds, BODIES, and souls!

Sign on and join this revolutionary homeschool movement! 🙏💜💮

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