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Learning through life experiences & play

💮Learning through Play & Life Learning💮

When we think education, it can be easy to get caught up in spelling, reading, writing, and math. This is fine! They're essential down the road! But they also tend to be "taught" using very little resources outside of repetition, books, pencils, and paper. This approach to education can make it feel like work, and it shouldn't. Our education should be enjoyable, hands on, engaging, and reasonable. What good is drilling math equations into a child's head if it only causes them to dislike math and resist learning? This kind of approach can also slip into memorization of information, rather than truly *understanding* the information. Which is why most of us don't remember information after a test.

Children can learn outside of a desk. They can learn outside of strict routines that require logged time at a desk, or covering specific material and curriculums. In fact, I would argue they learn more if they are not restricted to constant book work. Instead, we can learn through hands on, life experiences. Even a trip to the grocery store can become a full blown literacy and math lesson! Have your child see what is needed in the refrigerator, make a list together, then locate those items together in stores by reading labels! Create a budget for your trip and have your child pay at checkout! Building with blocks with your preschooler? Ask engaging questions! How many do you have? Whar color are they? Can you make a pattern?!

We love learning math concepts with cooking and robotic projects. Science in the kitchen, and science in your own backyard, is another simple way to spark your child's love of the sciences! Create a volcano together and watch for chemical reactions, plant a garden, or build a habitat for your favorite backyard critters!

Learning hides in every corner, and it is important as homeschoolers to find those **TEACHABLE MOMENTS** throughout the day. Don't let an opportunity to foster an interest in learning, ever slip by! Answer those 99 questions your kids ask, daily! Don't know the answer!? Find out and learn together! Half the fun of homeschooling is enjoying those teachable moments together until the day your child is the one pointing them out to you!

What other daily activities does your family engage in that you grab as teachable moments?

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What if I have a child getting ready to go into the 11th grade or is this for younger grades? I've been homeschooling since C-19 hit and will never send him back to public schools

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