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Learning through play!

💮Learning through Play💮

It's a fail proof "curriculum" that's sure to get your child/ren engaged and enjoying their education! There's really no interest or playful activity that can't be turned into some type of educational experience. Take these simple examples! ...

Turning block building into a math lesson with colors, shapes, patterns, counting, adding, geometry, architecture, and more!

Racing cars? Let's talk speed and directions!

Dramatic play of all kinds can be used as a mesns of social studies. For example you could turn your play space into a play post office, library, or bakery.

Board games (especially cooperative), card games, and strategy games are amazing learning tools! Be it for math or literacy! We especially love Chess, Bananagrams, Chutes & Ladders, Wild Craft, and Skip Bo!

Arts and Crafts of any kind are respectful areas to touch on everyday. Be it painting, sketching, sculpting, crocheting, or scrap booking, any lesson could use a pop of color and an artistic twist!

Cooking, experimenting, and sensory engaging activities are all fair game for science! So is taking it outdoors for some natural science as you play and explore outside!

Puppet Play, Music, Storytelling, and Theatre Play are all areas where literacy development can be fostered!

How do you turn your play time into learning time?

Our boxes will not only be mindfully based, but there will also be a strong focus on learning through play and the arts.

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