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Natural Consequences

💮Natural Consequences💮

Not every incident needs our redirection, a directed consequence, or even your intervention at all. Some actions will result in consequences all their own that your child can learn from. I call these "natural consequences".

This type of cause and effect allows children to have better judgment of their own actions and make the right choices simply because they have a desire to, in order to have their own positive results. This can also eliminate some of the power struggles we face as parents in a day. Even the below events *will* require intervention if(when ;) ) the behaviors continue regularly. You know your child best! Intervene for safety and value sake as you see fit, but put aside some of your "no's" & "nagging", and you'll notice your kid doing the right thing because they want to and are free to make decisions (both good and "bad"), while learning lessons along the way. Don't always feel obligated to correct every last behavior! Especially when you feel like you're just repeating yourself to no avail.

Some examples...

✨Running in the house results in falling.

✨ Likewise for jumping on furniture.

✨Not wearing proper clothing results in being too cold or too hot/uncomfortable.

✨ Being unkind to friends will result in friends not wanting to play with us.

✨ Not brushing your hair may result in uncomfortable knots (or wanted fairy locks if you're like me and my youngest. ;) ).

✨ Not taking a bath will result in body discomfort.

✨ Not eating results in hunger (easy concept to sum it all up! 🙌).

This technique tends to land more on the side of "wild schooling/parenting". It isn't for everyone. But in my personal and professional opinion, kids DO benefit from being given "a longer leash". If redirecting seems to work for your family, keep it up! :) We find a mixture of natural consequences, along with redirection and mindful parenting works best for us. 🥰❤💮

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