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💮Homeschooling is not school at home💮

A lot of the stress that comes from homeschooling stems from parents having a misconception that they need to recreate school in the home, in order to properly educate their children. This could not be further from the truth, as we need to remember WHY we are homeschooling. Typically it is because the standard system does not appeal to us, or it didn't work out for our children (or maybe even ourselves). This does require a level of deschooling, to fully understand and appreciate this notion, that children learn best when simply guided, instead of lead, and have an innate ability to learn on their own, when seeds are planted for a love of learning. More on deschooling (which is not to be confused with UNschooling. These are two different topics), at a later time!

Most of your child's day should be filled with play, exploration, self driven research, and personal interests! They certainly do not need a full work day like adults have. In fact, school schedules were originally made AROUND work schedules, so that parents could have their children at school for the majority of their workday. That sounds more of a convenience to adults than a benefit to children, in my opinion. School should always be for the benefit of the child.

So, loosen up! Don't feel strapped to meet some major requirements. While some states do have hourly requirements (see our announcement section for links to state regs), most of those can be met within the first part of your day...Or the end of your day! That's why with proper childcare by day, even working parents can homeschool by night! Ah! I love flexibility and I LOVE homeschooling on OUR terms, and OUR schedule!

***These times are my personal preference and based on requirments I've had to make for myself and child. I'd also like to add that these are in no way sit down, desk work hours! Hands on, life learning is where it's at! Please know that you are free to homeschool how you see fit. That's the point!

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