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Open-Ended Materials for the Home

💮 Open Ended Materials 💮

All of our materials for our sub/scription boxes will have open ended uses! Including these play scarves! Each starter kit will include one 2 ft by 2 ft play scarf! And guess what!? I have 12 different colors, and each box will have its own surprise POP of color!

These scarves will have a special use in your Starting each Day Mindfully toolbox, but have endless other uses such as...

💮 Dance Scarves

💮 Infant and toddler sensory play

💮 Puppet Play

💮 Meditation space

💮 Comfort

💮 Play Picnic blanket

💮 Doll blanket or sling

💮 Backpack sling

💮 Flags

💮 Capes

💮 Wings

...and so many more uses for imaginative play and discovery. 🌈

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