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Postive Behavior Reinforcement

💮 A Mindful Mama tip: Positive Language 💮

We are our children's inner voice. Remember this everytime you speak to them! We can also have a positive influence over their behavior by being mindful of the wording we use. You wouldn't believe the difference a tweak in our language can make in a child's overall behavior and mood. Here are some examples!

💮 Instead of telling a child what they can't do, or are to stop doing, tell them the expectation or what they *can* do. (Ex: "Use your walking feet" vs "Stop running!")

💮 Instead of telling them what *they need* to do, explain your needs. Often times, your child isn't going to feel a *need* for what you're requesting (Ex: "I like to keep a tidy floor. I'd like for you to clean up your toys." vs. "You need to clean up your toys.")

💮 Avoid using the word "no" too often. The same idea as point one applies here. We need to replace "no" (or "stop") with the expected or desired outcome. (Example: "Use gentle hands" or "Hands are for helping." instead of "No hitting!")

💮 Avoid language that can grow into negative self-talk. Telling a child they are naughty/being bad, loud, annoying, or any negative description will become their self-talk and they will have a difficult time striving to be more than what you describe them as. Even in those moments of difficulty, it is important to watch our language while disciplining our children. Reminder! A disciple is a student, not someone subject to punishment. Stick to speaking about expectations, not the negative behavior. More on setting positive expectations in the home to come!

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