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Puppet play

Puppet play is a fun and age old way to support literacy, speech, and even social skills in children of all ages.

Here are just a few benefits of puppet play for kids, ages birth-9 years!

⭐Promotes creativity and the imaginative play.

⭐Brings about an understanding of different social situations using role play.

⭐Encourages the use of speech, including public speech.

⭐Promotes healthy fine motor skill development.

⭐Can assist children with special needs, including selective mutism, autism, and speech delay.

⭐ Encourages the use of language and story telling in dramatic play.

⭐ Can be used to teach various life lessons or milestones such as potty learning, going to the dentist, or making new friends.

⭐Improves a child's ability to engage in open-ended play or use impromptu play.

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