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Settings Rules & Expectations, mindfully.

💮Setting Expectations, Mindfully.💮

One of my favorite indirect quotes is that if you have told a child something a million times and they still don't get it, it may not be the child who is the slow learner. Ouch! But it sticks, and I remind myself to always look at my parenting and make tweaks where need be.

One sure way to keep balance in the behavior management of your household is to have expectations and boundaries that are known by all!! Here are some of my tips and tricks to remaining PROACTIVE & ahead of the game as far as behaviors in the home go!

1. Make sure your expectations are clear.

2. Always be consistent.

3. Have your rules visible with imagery. I use simple index cards with stick figure level art, lol.

4. Don't set too many expectations. Keep them simple and to the point.

5. Make sure they are age appropriate expectations.

6. Go over your rules EVERY MORNING, briefly or in depth if need be. I simply use cues like... "We use listening ____." and I let my kids fill in the blanks (👂). Or... "What kind of feet do we use in the home?" (Prompt, walking).

7. Stray away from too many "no's, stops, and don't's..." Instead, remind your child of what you want to see, or what they can** do. (Ex: Use walking feet! VS. Stop running!)

8. Have YES SPACES where they can** exert energy and particular behaviors (yell into a pillow or closet, jump on their play couch, run in the basement or backyard...etc!)

9. Explain WHY we have rules, and stay away from "because I said so...".

10. Point out and salute your child when you see expectations being met (" I like how you used your walking feet!")

Some basic rules in my home that help me maintain sanity in my home are...

We use gentle and helpfup hands.

We use walking feet inside.

We use inside voices inside.

We use listening ears.

We use kind words.

We take care of our family.

We take care of our things.

Boom. Those actually cover a lot! 🙌

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