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Standardized Testing an Unschooled Kid

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Vayda's results on her standardized test are in and she gave me permission to share.

This is per our NYS regulations for homeschoolers. Not only did she complete a test designated for a year above her age level, she completed it in the 99th percentile (comparable to your average 9th grader).

Vayda has always been unschooled. This means that we don't follow any type of curriculum. We experience life and our interests together while I create some rhythm and routine in the home that allows her to explore her interests through academic means.

I still stand by these tests meaning very little in the long-run. Often times we can just be "bad test takers". We can also memorize information and be good test takers but then flat-line when trying to apply knowledge later on. However, we did not prepare in any way and V did not study. I don't test her and this was a first for her. I do not teach Vayda fractions, computation, nor language structure in a conventional way. She has always taught herself and we experience life and teachable moments together.

We also did not stress the test and explained it as being "just for fun" and a measure for the state to check their own curriculum.

I'm really floored by her performance! Okay, I cried and am one proud homeschooling mama!

She said that the language arts portion came easy because of all the free time she spends writing her own stories for fun. She said the math came easy because of her games, money, and building/measuring things with dad.

To learn more about unschooling and preparing the home for an enjoyable learning experience, check out my e-classes! I find this one especially helpful on the topics addressed in this post.

Unschooling looks like this!

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