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Trusting the Learning Process

Mindful Tip: Trust in the process.

Education should be a natural process of our lives! Society has us pushing children with expectations that are not age appropriate and do not foster a love for education in kids that will be strong enough to last them a lifetime. Young learners do not need to sit at desks, complete letter tracings, dittos, nor step-by-step constructive crafts. Instead, they should be provided open-ended materials and art supplies so they can explore their own creativity, individuality, and love for their own work! This is also how children truly find their interests. But how will they learn to read and write!? Naturally! Through examples provided by them in real-world time, real world situations, hands-on activities, a large supply of books and open-ended art supplies at their fingertips, and gentle guidance from their educational support system!

My children are unschooled from birth! This means that we focus our days around their interests, wants, and needs. We rarely have a plan and what plans we do have are very loose. We read, we write, we play games, we do projects, we are involved in our community, we attend group meet ups, co-ops, and field trips! I have never followed a set curriculum (though now I have essentially turned our unschooled days over the last 5 years, into a curriculum for you all!) , and my kids have taught me so much about trusting their natural DESIRE to LEARN, GROW, & BLOOM! The proof is certainly in the pudding for us! My daughters are also on entirely different paths. While my oldest (8) was reading at age 3 (again- this is something she naturally learned by reading together daily and playing games), my second daughter (3) has just begun to enjoy learning from her sister's example. She has never been "taught" how to write her name, and pictured here is her "go" at it! Ember's technique may not be the best, but hey! She's 3! The tidying up will come later, when she is ready. For now we will praise and encourage her job well done!

That is what I mean when I say "trust the process". Do not concern yourself with what you THINK your child should know "by now". Instead, focus on what your child WANTS to know, and the core items will all roll in together when they are meant to. Also, be reminded that not all of us were born to be the writers, the readers, or even the artists of the world! Find value in your child's interests, and you will see education in a whole new light. For more info on trusting the process, search "deschooling" and/or "unschooling" in the group:

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