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Unschooling History in our family

As most have gathered, we are eclectic unschoolers in our home! Unschooling is primarily done through life learning, experiences, play, and interests.

Little known fact! Me and my husband are both history nerds! One of my degrees is a bachelor's in history (minor in political science), and I enjoy following historical patterns in society. I also once upon a time interned for the Historical Aircraft Museum in Geneseo, NY, assisting in that year's air show. My husband is an avid WWII militaria collector and has been since he was a young boy. He in fact, holds the largest WWII patch collection...yes, in the world! 🎖

Naturally this has become an interest for the family as a whole. We have traveled to other states for militaria shows (even baby Cal joined us via wombside), attended shows locally, hosted local shows, and my husband runs a forum. Our daughters attend all of these events with us, and have since birth! We even had a trip to the WXXI Antique Roadshow for an appraisal on my husband's patches. Antique shopping, museums (both local and afar), virtual tours, documentaries, and history books are all a huge part of our children's lives, and they too have a huge interest in these topics. My oldest (near 9) will often be caught turning on a history documentary or writing what she learned from her dad, a trip, book, or said documentaries. She is FULL of questions concerning history and we also love to remind her that the victors often write history. We also love to seek answers together. This allows her to view everything critically, read alternative accounts, and even make some of her own conclusions. It is pretty impressive how much she knows about WWII history, and it was all through family trips and a genuine intrigue.

It really has been an amazing thing to watch! Now that my oldest is near 9, it is evident that unschooling has served our family well. She has a natural love for learning and I see the same values developing in her younger sister.

I'll share how we do social studies and politics in a future post!

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