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What is Mindfulness?

What is MINDFULNESS!? 🧘‍♀️

Mindfulness is the ability to tune into one's feelings and consciousness in the moment, as to regulate emotions and maintain self awareness.

Allowing children to feel, explore, and use their emotions in a positive and open realm, fosters an innate ability to cope, manage stress, organize priorities, and to simply BE in the moment. This is an area of child development that today's society, and specifically the field of education, has fallen weak on. With our upcoming toolbox, parents will be able to provide in this area of growth for their children with confidence that their kids will grow to be well rounded humans!

Simple Mindful tools and activities for the home:

- Meditating to music, and with crystals in each hand.

- Morning stretches and sun gazing.

- Positive, daily affirmations.

- Grounding with nature through the hands and feet (Get dirty!).

- Singing/Humming.

- Breathing exercises.


...and much, much more to be mentioned in full in the future months!

Don't know how to "get" your kiddo to cooperate for mindful activities? No worries! My toolbox, which debuts this summer will have step-by-step guidelines, tips, and my favorite resources for shaping mindful and magical kiddos!

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