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Teacher Tiffany

Tiffany has an extensive background in educating children of all ages. However, despite having a master's degree in early childhood education, or having taught at the administrative level coaching and managing teachers, or teaching young learners herself, Tiffany's best attribute is her attention to positive and proactive behavior management. Tiffany developed the mindful mama matrix program to help students ages 3-10 in fostering a natural love for education. This is first and foremost done by creating healthy relationships with children that allow them to become their best versions by strengthening who that child is at their core.  The mindful mama matrix program was developed to educate the whole child through emotional regulation, meditation techniques, natural sciences, and everyday print and love for literacy. Tiffany has created a mindful curriculum to be used in homes around the country, and now offers in-person mindful lessons for kids, in her local town.


I have honestly never met anyone who is as wonderful as you are with children. You are always so fun and keep the kids involved and attentive. You are beyond patient. You are so creative in your style of teaching in ways I would never even think of. We were so grateful for the time we spent with you Teacher Tiffany.

Tiffany R., Former Co-worker

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