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Mindful Family Reviews

Hear from the parents of our local, mindful students!


Word on the Street


Signing up my son for the mindful classes is the best thing I could have done for him. He has become excited about learning by attending. He loves his teacher and the fun new things she plans each week for the class to do. He was sad when I told him he only has two weeks left but is happy knowing he will get to start again when the new sessions come out in January!



Knowing Tiffany for as long as I have, I had all the confidence that the classes would be amazing. What I didn't know was that my daughter would 1. Want to go every week 2. Be engaged and eager to learn 3. Take what she learns and begin to use them at home. 

Having an Autistic child comes with challenges for her especially in learning and group environments. Self regulation, understanding emotions, retaining information are some of those areas of challenge. What Tiffany has been able to do to help her is just amazing! Shes expressing her feelings more rather than being destructive because she cant articulate them. Shes learning to self regulate using tools shes learned and items they have been sent home with. 

All in all I am extremely happy with this first session on the Mindfulness classes and we cannot wait to sign up again. 



I couldn’t wait to have my kids try Tiffany’s classes!! Her classes are different than any other co op going on right now. Her background and love for kids made me comfortable in knowing that my kids were getting the absolute best. I really  feel like kids can take what they’ve learned from these classes and apply them to everyday things while also sparking interest in new stuff! My children loved the star gazing/astronomy class and couldn’t wait to learn more when they got home!


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