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Policies & Procedures

When do kits ship?

Individual boxes included in any of our subscription options, begin to ship the month following your original order (unless it includes the purchase of a starter kit). Kits will continue to arrive each consecutive month, until your subscription ends. If you order a starter kit, plus a subscription together, then your starter kit will arrive the first month, and your individual subscription kits will begin to arrive the following month. Kits do NOT ship 1 month from your order date. They ship mid- month, based on stocked items.

How do kits ship?

We ship via flat rate USPS. The price of shipping is included in all subscription prices, and our starter kit. Once shipped, boxes can take from 3-7 business days to arrive. Additionally, kits arrive as individual boxes each month, and are not shipped together. For example, if you purchase our full, 12 month subscription, you will receive all of your boxes over the course of a year.

Other Important Policies

We have a firm, no refund policy. 
We reserve the right to cease the sending of your boxes if it is discovered that you are copying, plagiarizing, or distributing them in any way for your own gain. This includes re-creating similar boxes based off of inspiration you received from your Mindful Mama Matrix Boxes. We do not have the means to respond to all messages concerning shipments th tare within our noted timeframes. Thank you for understanding. This is a one-woman-show, run by a homeschooling mother of three - entrepreneur of two businesses.

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