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This is part 1 of a 3 part series of homeschool coaching classes by former teacher and Mindful Mama Matrix founder, Tiffany.


Part 1 is over 60 minutes of lessons in how to deschool your home, how to assess your child's learning style, and how to avoid the biggest power struggles and conflicts that we can face as homeschoolers. Let me help you get started the right way!

Deschooling is a necessary yet often skipped process that should always come before jumping into the homeschool life. We aim to avoid recreating school at home because we took our kids out of schools for good reason! Now let me give you the confidence you need to kick off your family's homeschool journey with minimal conflict.

This is a pre-recorded class that was initially held live. You will receive an automated e-mail upon checking out (it could take up to 10 minutes to hit your e-mail) that will include a link to the Dropbox file where you may then access the class.

Enjoy 10% off for the first 24 hours of our release. No code necessary.

Homeschool Coaching E-Class 1: Deschooling your Homeschool & Finding Rhythm

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