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Learn my personal approach to homeschooling my children for the last 7 years! The Mindful Mama Matrix Approach is a rhythm and routine I created while homeschooling my kids. It is based on my professional experience as a school teacher, along with homeschooling my own kids and others'. This is an hour long pre-recorded e-class. You will receive an email with a link to the Dropbox file upon checking out (this may take up to 10 minutes to hit your e-mail).

While I consider us to be an unschooling family, my kids benefit from structure and interest based units or learning centers. For this reason I created a routine that fit their needs. Needs that I find all early childhood kids have. Due to the success I saw in my own children, I began to offer my program to local homeschoolers in my area. This approach is eclectic yet custom and is suitable for pre-k through grade 5.

E-Class 3: The Mindful Mama Matrix Approach to Homeschooling

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